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Jessica Stroup Stills
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Welcome to stroup_stills a weekly icon challenge community dedicated to the gorgeous actress Jessica Stroup.

1.If you want to participate here you must join the community.
2.Your icons must fit the lj standards(100x100px,.png or .jpg and not bigger than 40kb).
3.You can post up to 4 icons,blending,textures,coloring etc. are allowed but animations(.gif)aren't.
4.Your icons must stay anonynmous until the winners are announced.
5.Post your icons in both img src + url form.
Your post should look like this :
posting sample

Schedule and Voting

1.New challenge every Friday.
2.Submission period: Friday to next Friday,ends at 7 PM Helsinki,Europe time zone (GMT+02:00).
3.New challenge available Friday,6PM Europe,Helsinki time zone (GMT+02:00).
4.Voting starts right after the challenge is closed.
5.You have 3 days to vote (including Friday night,Saturday,Sunday).
6.Voting ends Sunday 7PM Europe,Helsinki time zone (GMT+02:00)
7.The results are available on Sunday right after the voting is closed or an hour later.
8.Don't vote for yourself or ask other to vote for you.
9.Have fun and be creative! :)))